1. may 3, 2012:

    i think i will be a big fan of crop top + capri pants combinations this summer.

    both top and pants thrifted + altered to fit. the shoes unfortunately broke after one day of wear (anyone know where to get cheap platforms that won’t immediately fall apart?)

  2. march 19:

    it’s been a while.

    today was so beautiful, perfect early spring sweater weather and an opportunity to break out the sunglasses and semi-bare legs.

    the cashmere sweater and sunglasses were thrifted, and the skirt and shoes were thrifted + slitted and sparkled.

    so i kind of had some weird feelings about this blog and abandoned it for a while, but it was such a lovely day today and i wore several different outfits for no good reason, so i thought it would be a good opportunity to start up again. taking photos in the freezing cold was no fun, plus i was tired of my winter wardrobe and feeling uninspired, but now that it’s getting warmer i think i’ll feel better about it. i switched up the location as a bit of a fresh start. okay, it’s still my ugly grey apartment building, but now i’m on the stairs instead of under them.

    i’m going try my best to keep up with this. i think i felt too pressured to post as often as possible (i started this blog as part of a daily project for my open media course) so i ended up posting unflattering or poorly-edited photos of not-fantastic outfits and then getting embarrassed that i put them on the internet. no more of that.

  3. best things i own, part 2:

    this coat.

    i think this was my first fur coat. it cost me $5.99. each stripe is an individual piece, all sewn together. it has a large collar, and leather bands at the edges and underneath the arms, and these wonderful rectangular twisty buckles. and it has the name “christina” embroidered on the inside lining, black on black so it’s barely visible. i love everything about this coat, but i rarely wear it because it’s a little too bulky and busy to pull off on any given day.

    i recently got this neutral shift dress and thought it would be a good thing to wear with the coat. i thought i’d try wearing my vintage girdle underneath, but i think it’s a little too visible. maybe i’ll try to put together a girdle-as-outerwear outfit sometime soon.

    coat and dress, thrifted. boots, asos.

  4. it’s probably safe to say that my town has more parkas per capita than almost anywhere else in the world. let me show you mine.

    the red one was my first. i got it about five or six years ago at the (tiny and not so great) salvation army in my hometown. it was there for months, if not years, and i was drawn to it even though i was not yet aware of the parka’s upcoming trendiness and i never wore red. i eventually bought it for $1.25. it sat in a bag in a closet until i came home for christmas during my first year at university and remembered about it. i brought it back with me after christmas and noticed a few other people wearing similar coats, so i felt validated and started wearing it.

    the white parka was my second. i bought this one on a hot day in july at an outdoor tent thrift store. the best thing about it (other than the embroidered polar bears) was a tail attached to the fur on the hood, which could be used like a scarf. it fell off a few days ago and i haven’t gotten around to reattaching it yet.

    this year i thought i was over them. too many parkas in town. but today i kind of bought another one. even though i’m totally broke. parkas are more important than food. i can’t help it.

    total cost for three parkas and four winters of toasty warmth: $16.23

  5. february 06:

    i embroidered this sweater as part of a project i’m working on, and the skirt used to be a nightgown-thing.

    i’ve realized that most of the days i do outfit posts are the days when i don’t really leave my apartment other than to go outside to take a picture, so nobody really sees me in these clothes except the internet.

  6. i have been dressing lazily, but today i forced myself to take a picture. here is one of the coolest things i own. i feel ridiculous in it, but it’s too good not to wear.

    i have a bit of a thrift store fur coat problem. i think i have 7 fur coats? maybe some more stashed away somewhere that i’ve forgotten. it’s a little bit out of control. anyway, this is my favourite one. or maybe my second-favourite. it’s the one i wear most often. i’ll show you my other favourite sometime soon.

    pink fur coat and leopard print top, thrifted. skirt, thrifted and scallop-hemmed. boots, asos.

  7. flower brooch to earring/ear cuff.


  8. upmountains said: wow so glad to have found your blog! your style is amazing! hi!

    thank you!

    and thanks to the rest of my lovely new followers as well <3

  9. january 23:

    this was the least bitchfacey of today’s photo options, believe it or not.

    i think this is what a good hair day feels like.

    cashmere sweater and sheer black blouse, thrifted. i made the skirt. shoes were thrifted + glitter.

    (almost-bare legs in the snow? of course i’m wearing this all day and not changing back into my silly knit jeggings in a few minutes.)

  10. january 22:

    a peek into my messy bedroom. this is what i wore last night. i had a theory that the more sparkles i wear, the more fun i have. unfortunately that didn’t hold true, but at least my outfit was good.

    gold sequin dress, black top, glittery hair.