1. march 19:

    it’s been a while.

    today was so beautiful, perfect early spring sweater weather and an opportunity to break out the sunglasses and semi-bare legs.

    the cashmere sweater and sunglasses were thrifted, and the skirt and shoes were thrifted + slitted and sparkled.

    so i kind of had some weird feelings about this blog and abandoned it for a while, but it was such a lovely day today and i wore several different outfits for no good reason, so i thought it would be a good opportunity to start up again. taking photos in the freezing cold was no fun, plus i was tired of my winter wardrobe and feeling uninspired, but now that it’s getting warmer i think i’ll feel better about it. i switched up the location as a bit of a fresh start. okay, it’s still my ugly grey apartment building, but now i’m on the stairs instead of under them.

    i’m going try my best to keep up with this. i think i felt too pressured to post as often as possible (i started this blog as part of a daily project for my open media course) so i ended up posting unflattering or poorly-edited photos of not-fantastic outfits and then getting embarrassed that i put them on the internet. no more of that.

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    i have decided not to abandon this thing as long as the weather stays so lovely.
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